(Video shared from OBR Germany organisers)
Translation by Regina Wilson – Beer

Video: https://www.tvbayernlive.de/mediathek/video/gewalt-kommt-nicht-in-die-tuete?fbclid=IwAR1AgkHe4NVOqlcnaAkNx9G9LN_bwkz9DXapSTnwVXKqdI-WBsdjclWIT2M

“We all get our bread from the baker in these paper-bags”

To create awareness about violence in the home, OBR organisers have printed information in these paperbags. 

1.  To be able to raise awareness through the information circulated through the sheer amount of bags used with each bread sold.

2. If someone knows someone who is living in a situation of violence at home, they can bring them, for example a Brezel, bread – or similar from the bakery-  with the information on these bags where the hotline number is discreetly written within the bag’s print.

3. Also on the bags are information where one can help donate, call in when they hear or see someone who needs their help and also use as a medium of teaching/giving out information for all ages.

4. They are using the bags to raise awareness so that more laws etc can be passed to facilitate the “war“ on violence at the homefront.

The phrase: Gewalt kommt nicht in die Tüte is a play on words;
Literally means-
Violence doesn’t come in this small paper-bag.
Rather the opposite.
It’s actually trying to eradicate violence with its theme; innocence of a paper-bag from the baker. Symbolically instead of holding violence in it, it holds the hope of being freed from violence.