Published: 21 December 2012



Monique Wilson welcomes Eve to Manila.


Our First flash mob.

Some call it a slum, some say dump site.
A mountain made of garbage.
The dumpsite is owned by private contractors
They charge 100 pesos for a permit and 150 pesos
For a uniform. Even the garbage has been taken from the people.
Girls as young as 8 sell their bodies
to the men who guard the garbage for the right to scavenge it
There was a landslide of garbage
The mountain fell
On the village and disappeared 600 people.
They never found them
Their bodies burned inside because it was so hot from the bio gas.
A garbage volcano
Erupting, turning the people to bone.

A woman relocated three times.

Gabriela Center – Women telling stories of struggle and relocation.

Many leaders of the grassroots women’s groups are here
Gabriela national alliance of grassroots women’s groups,
Migrante, Gabriela Women’s Party, Kilusang Mayo Uno Workers,
Contend Teachers Union, Center for Women’s Research,
Association for the Rights of Children in South East Asia (ARCSEA),
Pro Gay Philippines, Samakana Urban Poor Women Association,
Amihan Peasant Women, Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), International Women’s Alliance (IWA).
They are there in their militant t-shirts weaving a vision of one story of women
A story of mining, of mining impacting typhoons, of the militarization by the
Philippine and US troops to protect the interests of the mining companies and
how this leads to prostitution and sexual violence,
A story of women leaders being disappeared and tortured
A story they are changing and ending and refusing.
A story of women joining and changing laws and passing bills and listening
and caring and building coalitions and fighting and rising and dancing.
All ages, all women in our t-shirts, in our new story,

Meeting with the Comfort women
after 10 years
They are older
many are gone
Still waiting for the Japanese to apologize
They are there in their Lola house
At their Christmas party
Their faces are cracked earth,
Tree bark, maps of struggle
Each line a direction, a promise
A memory
They do it for us now
They are past pain
past resentment
when they smilethe holes where their teeth once were are openings of light.


In Congress to witness the long awaited passing of the Reproductive Health Bill passed in both the Congress and Senate.


V-Day Dumaguete

Silliman University has been in the V-Day movement for the last 10 years. Amazing activist students. Special thanks to Bing & Moses.

Goddess Party of artists, thinkers, organizers in Dumaguete. Calling up energy of the island. Hosted by Arlene.


Downtown Manila flashmob. The whole city is practicing and learning the steps.

Women activists dance vs violence against women, GMA News >


Eve on Bandila TV show with boy, our V-Man and he invited all V-Men to rise.


In a Philippine theater with hundreds of media, The Vagina Monologues actors, Vagina Warrior activists, and congresswoman celebrate the launch of The Philippine ONE BILLION RISING films, songs, and dance.

One Billion Rising Phillipines (Short Film)

The Making of the One Billion Rising Philippines Film


A Billion Women Dancing, By Rina Jimenez-David, Philippine Daily Inquirer


Karen Davila talks feminism on early morning television.

Radical feminist theologian nun Mother Mary John talks vaginas and mysticisms with Eve.

Vagina Warrior Ces follows Eve and ONE BILLION RISING activities for the week.