By Promoting Women’s Capability by Education (PWCE)
Kabul, Afghanistan

Thanks to OBR, another academic year of our educational center in Kabul came to an end. Another group of our students graduated from our science, computer, English and literacy courses.

We held a ceremony which was attended by around 1000 people. The students and teachers spoke about the importance of such free centers in raising awareness amongst women which is the first step in their fight for their rights.

Several women spoke about how their lives had changed when they had learned to read and write, how they were able to help their children study, read boards on streets, medical prescriptions and tens of other things. The young girls spoke about their hopes of entering their faculties of choice after working hard for a whole year preparing for the university entrance tests.

There were poems thanking OBR for the center and a theatrical piece showing the change in women’s lives brought by the center. The women of the educational centre in Kabul funded by OBR, rose with the millions of oppressed and suffering women of the world, and raised their voice against oppression and ignorance in Afghanistan.

These girls and women brave the daily bloodshed and explosions to attend this course in hopes of having a bright future.

This center is a ray of hope for the young girls and women whose every day is a struggle, struggle against the overall deteriorating situation, against domestic violence and oppression, against poverty and hardships of life in a war ridden country, and against the patriarchal suppression of the society.

We have celebrated OBR in a time and place where life cannot be guaranteed for a second. Explosions and suicide bombing is part of our daily life. But we rose to show the world that intimidation, terror, threats and taking life cannot deter our determination to seek knowledge for a change.