March 08, 2013

Rise Against Impunity

Prosecutor Bensouda and Playwright/V-Day Founder Eve Ensler mark International Women’s Day.

On 14 February 2013, one billion people rose in 207 countries to dance and strike and say no to sexual violence. One Billion Rising was an expression of an urgent and deep desire of women and men across the planet to live without constant threat of violation, rape and attack.

On this March 8th which marks International Women’s Day, the rising continues.  There is still much to be done.  Many societies still deny the existence of gender crimes, ignore them and even shame the victims.  Prosecutor Bensouda and Eve Ensler are joining forces to escalate the fight to end impunity through combined efforts of advocacy and accountability, action and justice.

“We have seen the power of one billion women and men  breaking the silence, rising, healing trauma through dance and outrage, building global solidarity and energy, and rising  on a scale never before seen.  Nextwe must rise against impunity,” stated Ensler.

“The investigation and prosecution of gender based crimes must be made a priority.  Victims given a voice, their own voice to tell their stories and perpetrators must not go unpunished. Together we can send a clear, strong and consistent message that the use of violence against women as a tool in war is no longer acceptable,” said Prosecutor Bensouda.

« We have chosen to come together  to call on courts, governments, legal bodies to end impunity and hold perpetrators accountable.  We are asking you to join us and rise to end impunity.. »

The impact of the ICC goes beyond the court room; each case heard further re-enforces the need to change behaviour and prevent gender crimes.  The ICC is currently investigating and prosecuting crimes including gender crimes in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Darfur region of Sudan, Kenya, Libya, Ivory Coast and Mali.

V-Day is  a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.  On February 14, 2013, V-Day’s 15th anniversary, activists, writers, workers. thinkers, celebrities and women and men across the world came together to demand an end at last to violence against women.  We are rising again.  For more information, visit and

Note – We will be introducing the new Twitter hashtag #rise2endimpunity on March 8th.

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