LIVE: V-Day in NYC

LIVE: V-Day in NYC!


Posted by V-Day on Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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Make Valentine’s Day a Day of Revolutionary Love & Resistance
Join Artists, Activist in Washington Square Park for an “ARTISTIC UPRISING – A CALL FOR REVOLUTIONARY LOVE”

JOIN US: Ryan Amador, Donna Auston, BETTY, Justin Vivian Bond, Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer, Great Caesar, Staceyann Chin, Kate Clinton, Julissa Contreras, Michael Cunningham, Eve Ensler, Laura Flanders, FogoAzul NYC, Dan Fogler, Alixa Garcia of Climbing PoeTree, Suzanne Gardinier, Judy Gold, Kana H, Valarie Kaur, James Lecesne, Amy León, Dana Levinson, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis – Middle Collegiate Church, Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir, Carmen Perez, Gloreatha Phillips, Kashish Shamsi, Ally Sheedy, Elizabeth Streb, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Imani Uzuri, Kiah Victoria, Women’s March.

This Tuesday, February 14, women and men throughout the US and in 200 countries worldwide will come together and RISE to end violence against all women and girls (cis, transgender and gender non-conforming) as part of V-Day’s massive annual One Billion Rising campaign, including this just-announced rally – “Artistic Uprising – A Call for Revolutionary Love” – to take place in Washington Square Park. The rally will feature performances and speeches by artists and activists.

The event is being called in a response to the current racist, misogynist, xenophobic political climate where the rights of women, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIAGNC people, African Americans, the indigenous, and the poor are at serious risk.

The rally will be a collective experience. Audience members will be invited on stage to rant as part of the Where We Meet artist collective, called the Ranting Box.

WHERE: Garibaldi Stage Directly East of the Park Fountain, Washington Square Park
WHEN: 6:00-9:00PM

This high-profile group will gather, resist, RISE, and dance, connecting directly to the global One Billion Rising campaign, which will be happening in full force across the planet, broadcast en masse across all social media channels. What happens in NYC will be broadcast immediately throughout the world via Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, and more, joining the hundreds of thousands of ONE BILLION RISING activists harnessing radical forms of artistic, creative and political resistance through rallies, protests and events. The actions will connect individuals, networks, and organizations that are organizing to hold our governments and other patriarchal institutions accountable.

One Billion Rising Activists declared February 14th a “Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of RISING,” putting out a call for solidarity amongst movements:

“We declare our love for all who are in harm’s way, including refugees, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIAGNC people, Black people, the indigenous, the poor, and women and girls at risk of violence. We vow to see you as our brothers and sisters and fight by your side…We join forces and stand together with the millions of people across the planet who are rising to end violence against and girls and resist racist patriarchy. To protect women who are most often the most vulnerable within marginalized communities. We take part in it to honor our mothers whose bodies and beings and blood carved the path we are walking on. We are rising – we are dancing – to find the new language of these times – built on a deeper education, radical listening, humility and empathy.”

Activists will RISE against the neo fascist, racist patriarchy taking hold in governments throughout the world, against bigotry, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, anti-immigration, nativism, white nationalism, climate change denial, imperialist and capitalist aggressions, misogyny and hate. From Standing Rock to financial deregulation to the “Muslim Ban”, activists will demand the new regime’s agenda be dismantled. A particular focus will be on women’s rights. With a “Predator in Chief” at the helm of the White House that is fueled by rape culture, a war on women is being waged.

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Let us RISE
against neo-fascism, racist patriarchy, misogyny and sexism.
Rise against rape culture and all those who escalate and normalize it.
Rise against racism, discrimination and inequality.
Rise against neoliberal policies that place profit over people.
Rise against environmental plunder and Rise to protect Indigenous people, land and water.
Rise against homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, exclusion and hate.
Rise against imperialist wars, occupation, internal and international displacement and militarization.
Rise for food, land and justice.

Rise against fear mongering and division.
Rise against international capitalist and imperialist systems that perpetuate poverty.
Rise against the corporations and the rich making more profit off the backs of people’s suffering.
Rise against economic, labor and sexual exploitation.
Rise against human and sex trafficking.
Rise against the violence of poverty, exploitation and marginalization.
Rise for freedom, dignity, equality and respect.

How to Rise?
We need TO DISRUPT with active and radical defiance!

Disrupt in order to shake the present global structure characterized by patriarchy and capitalist greed.
Disrupt to show how strong a creative “people power” force can be.
Disrupt to keep radicalizing our creative resistance.

We need to CONNECT and expand our political consciousness.
Connect by educating ourselves on all issues.
Connect by uniting in all our struggles and fighting for ALL rights.
Connect by hearing and listening and learning.
Connect by deepening our understanding of issues within the context of race and class analysis.
Connect by joining organizations and mass actions.
Connect by organizing our communities.

HOLD YOUR GOVERNMENTS and other exploitative patriarchal institutions ACCOUNTABLE.
Resist with Rage.
Resist with fierce hope.

Resist with unwavering insistence on a future where freedom, equality and dignity is possible.
Resist with collective defiance.
Resist all together. With and For each other.

Rise In Solidarity!
Rise For Revolution!