One Billion Rising South Asia launched in Kathmandu, Nepal last September 19th – with over 500 participants from 20 countries. The event was hosted by Sangat Feminist Network who are coordinators and organizers of One Billion Rising all over South Asia. The launch, held in TEWA – strengthened the solidarity of South Asian women’s and human rights groups in their solidarity and commitment to fight all forms of exploitation and injustice and to work for the power of love. The vibrant, energizing and inspiring evening included women and men from civil society groups, women’s organizations, LGBT groups, students, artists, poets from over 20 countries. The South Asia launch begins other launches across South Asia – and will also hopefully include Risings in Australia, Ghana, Myanmar and Iran – where participants of the recent Sangat Feminist training course are also from. The OBR South Asia launch was also a gathering to celebrate South Asian Feminist Solidarity, and also included the annual Meeto Memorial Award that honors young South Asian feminists doing incredible work for women and girls.

“Our OBR launch was colourful, energetic, inspiring, and full of solidarity against all forms of exploitation.

It was an example of synergies, as we celebrated many things and people together. We rooted OBR in the south Asian earth and ethos” – Kamla Bhasin (OBR South Asia Regional Coordinator)

One Billion Rising South Asia:

No more exploitation of women and Mother nature!

No more corporate plunder!

Not love of power, but Power of Love!

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