The following statement of solidarity was provided by Dr. Isatou Touray, OBR Coordinator, West Africa Region in response to the global call to #StopYazidiGenocide on 3 August, 2016 – the two year anniversary of the horrific attacks on Sinjar in Northern Iraq perpetrated by ISIL. View more statements or support from around the world HERE.

UNLESS A VOICE CALLS, THEN NOTHING IS HEARD. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Nadia Murad for the courage and boldness she took to inform the entire world about her plight and that of the Yazidi women. Globally women’s rights are abused yet they are suffering in silence under a cause unjustifiable and most of the time based on religion. Their lives are, and continue to be threatened and they are confronted with the barbaric and inhuman behaviours of men folks who are supposed to provide protection and together forge for a meaningful partnership for world development. Instead they are being enslaved to provide sexual services for those in the control of the gun; they are being raped, sexually abused, killed, maimed and reduced to nothing. Behold women are human. There is no live without women and being the first teacher teaches her children good morals including those men who inflict on them lasting but traumatic memories.


Nadia, you are among the ONE BILLION women GAMCOTRAP has recognized. We are also celebrating you and above all RISE with YOU and the rest of the WORLD to add our voices to your call to denounce the rate of violence the Yazidi women are facing. The sexual assault and killing of Yazidi women tantamount to genocide and must be stopped immediately. This animalistic behavior is not accepted in our civilized world, WE ARE HUMAN and WE ARE PARTNERS.

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GAMCOTRAP Rising for Yazidi Women

Nadia no matter what, you are a woman of respect and dignity. The actions does not in any way defile you but instead ranked you in the title of the world’s most courageous, dignified and strong women. You have a title in the Guinness Book of Records. WE LOVE YOU NADIA AND THE YAZIDI WOMEN.


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GAMCOTRAP Activists rising to END Yazidi Genocide

I call on all global OBR coordinators, African women and men who care as well as our friends and colleagues in Senegal (Sindian), Young People Without Borders (Sifo, The Gambia), Sierra Leone, Mali, La Guinea, Liberia and Guinea Bissau to Rise and condemn the Yazidi Genocide.

Thank You

Dr. Isatou Touray

OBR Coordinator, West Africa

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