“As the singer of the german version of Break the chain “Spreng die Ketten” I am very pleased to present you the new OBR 2016 campaign song for Bremen/Germany today. The music was composed and produced by Conny ConradThe idea for “Station of Welcome” was initiated by the Bremen Cultural Scientist MA, Dance Theater Teacher and Personality Trainer Edda Lorna, who has been organizing One Billion Rising in Bremen since 2013. I am so proud to be a part of it and get the chance to make another Song for One Billion Rising.” – Nicole Bornkessel (phoeNic) , OBR Organizer

“With the world premiere of “Station of welcome” on 14 February 2016, the Bremen Main Station gets the nomenclature “Bremen Main Station – Station of welcome”. Welcome refers to incoming travelers, refugees, children and youth groups or marginalized groups, which deserve greater recognition in our society. Welcome refers in this context also on mutual respect and appreciation. To welcome someone means not laying one’s hands on someone. Welcome refers to the value of acceptance and on the human rights: “Human dignity is inviolable.” Everybody deserves to be treated with respect and consideration and also to be welcomed in this sense. “One Billion Rising”says: Human rights are also women’s rights. Bremen sends a sign of equality, non-violence and peace with the welcome nomenclature!” – Edda Lorna, OBR Organizer