2015 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters, where 40 activists from Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, East Timor and the Philippines, gathered to conduct a workshop on shelter work and empowering women, with particular focus on marginalized women. Many of the women around Asia had already been organizing and coordinating One Billion Rising in their respective countries! The one-day conference, ahead of the main conference that begins tomorrow, was hosted by Chi Hui-jung and Garden of Hope, the amazing and incredible Taiwanese V-Day and OBR organisers!

I was a main presenter, speaking on OBR Revolution, and chaired the panel on marginalized women and migrant workers. The day was invigorating, inspiring, educative and the solidarity building was powerful. And everyone is planning huge risings in their respective countries.

Here we all are! Asia Rising for Revolution!!