One Billion Rising 2016 Campaign Announced:   ESCALATING THE CALL FOR REVOLUTION IN 2016

It has been a most amazing THREE years of the campaign. Our collective efforts mobilised, engaged, awakened and joined people worldwide to end violence against women. We made violence against women a global human issue not relegated to country or tribe or class or religion, and revealed it as a patriarchal mandate, present in every culture of the world.

1 in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. Every February through March 8th, thousands of One Billion Risings events take place globally, within local communities to show the world what one billion looks like. This year, the campaign continues to grow, expand, deepen and shine a light on the rampant impunity and injustice that survivors of various forms of violence face.

Today, we announce the 2016 theme: ONE BILLION RISING: RISE FOR REVOLUTION Listen! Act! Rise!

For the fourth year of the campaign, the One Billion Rising’s global coordinators chose to continue the theme of Revolution as an escalation of the first three stages: One Billion Rising (2013), One Billion Rising for Justice (2014), and One Billion Rising: Revolution (2015).

We’ve danced. We’ve demanded justice. We’ve demanded changes. This year we are radicalising our actions — enlarging, deepening and expanding the revolution. Let’s continue to radically shift consciousness and be braver, bolder, more creative and determined with our actions. Focus on the most marginalised women and girls to bring about true, long lasting change. At their May gathering in New York, the global coordinators developed the call to action announced today.

Amplify the Voices of Marginalised Women
Bring National and International Focus to Their Issues
Bring New Artistic Energy to Create This Possibility
Raise Other Issues That Have Not Been as Visible
Amplify REVOLUTION as a Call for System Change
Platform Voices That Have Not Been Heard Within Local Campaigns
Call on People to RISE FOR OTHERS
Call Upon People of Privilege to Rise for Those Who are Not
Create Synergy and Connection
Continue to Call for State Accountability and Justice
Keep Highlighting the Economic Context of Women
Keep Connecting the BODY with REVOLUTION
Rise for Change and Equality


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