Every day we hear about the horrors of gender violence across the globe and here at home. We all feel, at times, scared, outraged, helpless, and utterly devoid of hope… At Bay Area Rising, we know these feelings. We also know that people are doing amazing things to stop the horrors. So, we are linking in to a global movement of revolutionary resistance and renewed vision for the world we know is possible. We are following the lead of women in the Congo and elsewhere who are healing and rebuilding their lives after unspeakable atrocity–through the medicines of the drum, dance, and community. We are embracing love as the way forward and art as a vehicle to get us to that vision.
We create a unique explicitly spiritual space–unlike anything I’ve ever experienced–that can hold all of those emotions, bring us through them and out the other side to joy.  With our own Oakland twist.


Local world-class performers and ritualists like gina Breedlove, Afia Walking Tree, Destiny Arts, Shelley Doty, Julie Wolf, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Starhawk and more donate their time and amazing talents to help us do this and to help us raise funds for front-line organizations  like IDEX and 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence.

Last year, we sold out with 600 attendees and raised over $13,000 for international and local organizations working to end violence.  Here’s a look at last year’s Rising “Stand for Real Love” which raised over $13,000 for international and local organizations working to end violence:


NEW THIS YEAR: In conjunction with the City of Oakland, we are co-sponsoring a One Billion Rising rally on Friday Feb. 13 at 4:30pm in downtown Oakland. Speakers, tables,  and a flashmob dance to ‘Break the Chain’ to express our outrage at violence in our communities.


Saturday Feb. 14 at 7:00pm

First Presbyterian Church
2610 Broadway
Oakland, CA
Tickets are available through their website