In September the whole world was called to attention by the largest climate march in history, People’s Climate March. One Billion Rising activists took to the streets around the world to call for revolutionary energy and revolutionary action from world leaders, global citizens and corporations around climate change. In addition to the mass action that took place in New York City, One Billion Rising reports back from The Philippines, India, and Santa Fe.

Rise for the Earth
Rise for the Trees
Rise for the Mountains
And the Honeybees…
Rise for Revolution!



New York City

“The march was one of the most wildly diverse, open, radical,  inclusive marches I can remember in years. 350 thousand and an energy that at one moment moved through the crowd like the arrival of a new consciousness. Our moving through the streets of Manhattan seemed to weave our issues, our struggles our stories together into one big dance to save human life on this planet.” -Eve Ensler


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Delhi, India

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Dumaguete, Philippines

One Billion Rising Dumaguete is Rising for Revolution by Rising for Climate Change and to save Mount Talinis. Dumaguete Risers joined the climate march by launching One Billion Rising Revolution. Students and teachers from Silliman University marched and danced the One Billion Rising dance as part of their actions. Their Rise for Revolution call to Rise to save Mount Talinis will have escalated actions leading up to February 14, 2015.
“Women and our planet have a very close connection. The system that abuses our environment is the same system that abuses women. Patriarchy. Unless power is used to protect and take care of our planet instead of destroying it, women will continue to be undervalued.Let us all commit ourselves to the protection of our trees in Mt. Talinis. Protection and preservation of our environment is protection and preservation of humanity.” –  Bing Vee, V-Day and One Billion Rising Organizer
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Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

​Santa Fe, New Mexico’s participation in the Climate March featured inspirational speakers from our various faith communities which reminded me as I stood in front of the St. Francis Cathedral what the revolution this year is about, it is a gentle reminder to return to the body of the our mother, our mother earth.  Our community march highlighted businesses who utilize green energy with stops along the  way all the while we chanted, “SOL NOT COAL!” – Jessica Montoya, One Billion Rising Coordinator, Santa Fe NM

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