Rising: Asmita Resource Centre For Women

Published: 17 February 2014

As part of the One Billion Rising Campaign , Asmita Resource Centre For Women held three events. The first event was held at the Chanchalguda Prision for the Women Inmates and the jail authorities on 14 February  2014. The programme began with a brief about the OBR campaign and was followed by screening of the movie ‘Emi Cheyali‘  280 women inmates and 20 jail authorities watched the short film on gender equality and violence against young girls.  Many inmates raised questions on the increasing violence against women and stressed on the urgent need to educate boys. 

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The second event titled ‘We Women’ comprised a movie screening and a bi-lingual reading. The event saw an audience of more than 70 people. The invite and the press coverage of the event is copied below.


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