It was a  very intense day here in the Nippes, but wonderful

First we started with Carribean radio (nr 1 in the Nippes), than the spot (many thanks to those who had prepared it) was diffused at a local television nameTOP. We had 2 gigs – the first one in the middle of National Road 2 crossing Miragoane, the 2nd one in Paillant,

So we started at 5 in Miragoane with women and girls signing and dancing different choreographies and songs, including flash mob. We had also men performing with us, including….. Bangladeshi soldiers 😉

This one was combined with awarenss rising messages, animated both by men and women, including Ministry of Female Affairs. Altogether over 40 people performed. it s diffiucult for me to assess the audience now, but  the whole gig square where the gig was taking place was surrounded by people. It finished after 7 with the Nations Anthem.
The ambiance was great. People were very nicely surprised with the show.

The second gig started at after 7 in Paillant and finished after midnight It was I would call “a real love awareness party.” More than 50 people performed. dancing, singing, rapping, theatre, both women and men, girls and boys. Paillant was literally on fire.

We launch our real men club. Between gigs awareness rising and testimonies, both of women and  men  about different aspects or real responsible love without violence. It was really beautiful and
touching. We had almost 200 siting places. they were al taken and people were standing, so at least 250 people attended.
People came from the area, but also from other communes. We had a number of communal leaders who engaged themeselves in the evening.

During both events almost 2000 flyers were distributed with guidance to follow in case of violence and reference numbers in Miragoane and Paillant.

Dorticos singing a tribute to alll women in Miragoane-6802[14] A testimony and encorage of real love free from violence-6816[16] Venue Preparations in Paillant-6784[12] Menard marking the venue on the first poster in Chalon-6721[12] Menard main coordinator of the Chalon group-6728[12] Flash mob girls in Miragoane-6808[12] Menard and Enith from Female Affairs Ministry on Caribbean FM-6751[10] Magdala - an amazing acivist and the cornerstone of the show in Paillant-6796[8] the spot on TV[6] Interviewing a choreographer in Paillant-6780[6] Intervieiwing in Pailliant-6790[12]