Ms. WANG, Yueh-Hao is the Chief Executive Officer of the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) starting from March, 2020. She has been advocating for women and girls’ rights in the Garden of Hope for over 30 years. Before her current leading role as the CEO, she has been Deputy CEO for a decade, and positioned in different roles for tasks and full trainings in the GOH during her tenure in the foundation.

Ms. Wang received her Master degree from the Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang-Ming University in year 2001. She majored in Philosophy and minored in Psychology in the Fu Jen Catholic University. Her professional specialties include sexual exploitation and sexual assault preventions, social case work, and issue management.

In addition to her position as the CEO of the Garden of Hope Foundation, Ms. Wang is also member of the Social Welfare Committee of the Executive Yuan, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Arbitration Committee of the Taiwan Coalition Against Violence (TCAV). She serves as Director of ECPAT Taiwan, Taiwan Men’s Association as well.