Triana K. Wardani (she/her) is a secretary-general of SERUNI (Serikat Perempuan Indonesia), a national women’s organization in Indonesia that focused on gender equality and a better life for the people. She holds a degree in Agriculture from Brawijaya University. In her role, she coordinates actions and campaigns across 17 provinces in Indonesia raising an issue of gender equality and women control over the land and natural resources, to stop the land monopoly by big landlords and greedy big corporations who control 42% of land for plantation and mining in Indonesia, including OBR Indonesia who Campaign to stop violence against women. Holding seminar in many schools to raise awareness since the beginning to prevent cases violence against women and girls. OBR Indonesia also rising every single year in each 14 February across 17 provinces in Indonesia, in rural and urban. With plantation’s women workers in rural, with student in urban and many others. She led the collective organic farming in Jambi Province as a community resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic which also spread across the region in Indonesia.