Kamala Vasuki (Vasuki Jeyasankar) is a feminist activist and artist from the North and East of Sri Lanka. She has been part of women’s organizations and networks who are actively claiming the rights of women in the conflict affected areas. She is a mobilizer, trainer, researcher and campaigner on the issues of women’s, Children’s and indigenous peoples rights.

As an artist she combines her steady interest and talent in creative arts with her passion and commitment to issues of gender, human rights and social justice. Her art works are expressions from her passion and commitment to issues of gender and social justice. She works with the women affected by war and violence to express their voices through collective art forms. She is currently engaged in collectively creating artworks for memorialisation.

She has been organizing One Billion Rising campaigns in different parts of Sri Lanka since 2013. She is a co-founder of various community level feminists groups. She founded a female drummer’s (Parai) group (Drumming for Justice) for the OBR in 2015, and an artist’s group called ‘Artists from Non-Violent Living for OBR 2016.