Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki is a performance artist, choreographer and dancer, born in Japan and based in Vienna, Austria. She realises her works at the intersection between performing and fine arts with the main focus on social and environmental topics. She creates solo and group performances at art spaces, festivals and site-specific, interactive artistic interventions in public space in Austria and abroad such as performances / flash-mobs at the UN-Vienna headquarters at Hiroshima Memorial Day against the re-opening of nuclear power plants in Japan after Fukushima. She is the co-initiator and artistic director of OBRA – ‘One Billion Rising Austria – an Artistic Campaign for Ending Violence against Women and Girls’.

She won the first prize of the art award ‘Save our Oceans – Now!’, the award of the independent scene of Vienna 2017 for OBRA and she is the bearer of the “Österreichische Frauenring 2018”, awarded by the umbrella organisation of Austrian women’s and feminist NGOs.

First I was rising in solidarity with women in India and other countries, in which violence against women is evidently a much bigger issue than in Austria. Meanwhile, continuing to work on this topic, I realised the urgency of fighting also here – the gender pay gap is still much too big, the backlash on women’s rights has also reached Austria and the femicide rate is growing alarmingly. As an artist, I want to reach people in another way and build bridges between politicians and the civil society, including artists and NGOs.