Committed for a few months in Civic Service at the Catholic Committee for the fight against Hunger and for Development (CCFD Terre Solidaire) where she contributes to education for citizenship and international solidarity.

With a bachelor degree in private law, Armande is a female human rights defender of the Center for Documentation and Training on Human Rights (CDFDH). Also engaged with the Association for the Defense of the Rights of House hold and Domestic Helpers of Togo (ADDAD Togo), she helps to inform and train domestic workers on their rights, educates employers on the respect of these rights while making advocacy at the institutional level so that legal arrangements can be made.

Passionate about the empowerment of women and the fight against violence against women, Armande conducts animation and training activities in communities in Togo and during the Camps for young girls organized each year by Peace Corps Togo volunteers.

Facebook: Armandeblakime
Email: armandeblakime(at)
Contact: 0022890183878