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Mongolia will rise for violence free zone

Mongolia > Ulaanbaatar > Chinggis Khaan Square > 2015-03-08 > 14:00

About The Event

This event will be organised in collaboration with the Princess Centre Mongolia. Following activities will take place: Online activity: 1. Raise public awareness of the “ONE BILLION RISING – Rise for Revolution” campaign through social media (facebook, twitter, and youtube). 2. Draw public attention by changing their Facebook profile photo to their “ONE BILLION RISING – Rise for Revolution” official logo, and posters. 3. Bring public attention to their “ONE BILLION RISING” official Facebook/Twitter/Youtube pages. 4. Regularly update the Facebook/twitter page. Offline activities: 1. Develop and distribute OBR MONGOLIA-RISE FOR REVOLUTION posters 2. Translate Asian OBR song into Mongolian 3. Develop a brochure and distribute to social workers students. 3. Drum against violence against women and children. 4. Flash mob “Rise for Revolution" at the Chingis Square. 5. Release helium filled balloons by students, calling public to "End Violence Against Women and Children. Rise for Justice!". 6. Produce the "Rise for Revolution" video. 7. Broadcast the ONE BILLION RISING campaign on national media, organise in press conference, and give interviews to TV stations. We organised OBR 2013 among cadets at the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia.

About The Organization

The Beautiful Hearts Campaign NGO

The Beautiful Hearts Campaign NGO: to end child sexual abuse - advocacy, providing psychosocial rehabiliation service, raising public awareness, and capacity building of the service providers.

Princess Centre: protecting girls and young women’s rights, making competent them through providing socio-psychological counseling and social work services and preventing adolescent from probable social problems and risks.

About The Organizer

Oyundari Baynbaatar

General Coordinator, The Beautiful Hearts Campaign NGO

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