Janka Striffler was born in 1968 and grew up in Southern Germany together with 3 sisters. This  experience created a learning space for the subjects of women solidarity and community that have shaped and guided her life to this day.

After finishing High School, Janka travelled extensively through Europe and the United States where she trained in dance and soon discovered her passion for using dance as a form of activism – an art form of expression and communication.

While studying in Amsterdam she met the father of her child, and the man with whom she would begin a profound experience of living in community.

In 1998 they moved, as a family, to Tamera, Healing Biotope I, in the Alentejo, Portugal, one of the most progressive intentional communities in the world. Janka began working with children and youth, where she focused on developing and creating environments in which children could once again trust adults, and where their dreams and visions for a peaceful world were heard and taken seriously.

Janka, now a trusted figure in Tamera and a carrier of over 20 years of community knowledge– continues to support the community field to develop. She currently works with training people in Tamera’s extensive global network, to live community in their own lives, and she is a mentor to many younger community members. She has also begun using dance again, as a form of sacred activism; 2014 she intruduced „One Billion Rising“ to the Tamera Community and since then Tamera is joining that global movement and spreading the word for a global revolution.