Nyasha Sengayi is one Billion Rising Global Coordinator for Zimbabwe. The campaign has offered a wider movement building space for women’s rights work in Zimbabwe. She is also the founding director of Source International. An organisation employing campaign based programming to advance women’s rights. Nyasha is a Campaign Strategist who works with communities in both urban and rural settings. She is committed to working with women to increase their visibility on the global development agenda in Zimbabwe. She takes an interest in exploring global issues affecting women and girls. Thus, her work is premised opening space for effective Advocacy and Lobbing through Visual Documentation and Campaign Based Programming for women and girls. In advancing her work, Nyasha has over 5 years’ experience working as a communications expert specialising in branding messages and campaigns to allow for effective communication to advance women’s and girls’ rights. Nyasha offers expertise to women’s and girl’s organisations in formulating toolkits and training manuals to enable them to deliver effective and efficient gender equality programming. Adding on, Nyasha offers her expertise in toolkit review and development of such; and training manuals for enhancing advocacy communication strategies for gender responsive planning and budgeting, gender mainstreaming, gender responsive policy development, applied research with a focus on gender analysis on the status of women and girls. Nyasha has more than 7 years global and regional working experience in the broader young women’s movement as a campaign strategist.

Nyasha(@)onebillionrising.org / nyashasengayi(@)gmail.com

Skype: nyasha.sengayi

Her personal website is http://nyashasengayi.wordpress.com/