Spotlight Blog Series on Women in Prison & Detention

V-Day’s Spotlight on Women in Prison, Detention Centers, and Formerly Incarcerated Women has been created in collaboration with Kathy Boudin and Cheryl Wilkins and formerly incarcerated women and activists working on prison reform and prison abolition. In this blog series you will hear from women whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the prison and detention system on issues as far ranging as: trauma and abuse; shackling; transgender experiences; dignity; health and mental health; experiences of long term inmates; the youth/school to prison pipeline; the experiences of mothers and children navigating the immigration system; higher education in prison; and reentry and technology.

“The Experience of Pregnant Women in Prison: Shackling, Medical Treatment & Diet” by Roslyn Smith
15 July 2019

“Incarceration: Violence, Accountability and Transformation” by Roslyn Smith
25 April 2019

“Why College Education is So Important for Women in Prison” by RS
29 January 2019

“Women and Incarceration” by RS
12 December 2018