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Women stronger then an earthquake

Croatia > Zagreb and Glina > Zrinjevac, Zagreb; City park Glina > 2021-02-14 > 12:00 am

About The Event

On 14 February OBR Croatia will organise the event: Women stronger than earthquake - in solidarity with women of Banija (name of the Croatian region devastated by the earthquake on December 29 2020.) in Glina. Women from the city of Glina and surrounding villages would be invited to join a poetry reading event (women, poets and writers from Zagreb), joined by distinguished male actors and feminist activist, who regularly suport OBR events, to speak against VAW. Local female folk groups would sing, and rock singer Mile Kekin would end the program with a song: It will all pass. Women from women's sections of Workers Unions, women from the Union od Associations of People with Disabilities, as well as women from women's groups CESI, Women's Room, RODA, Center for Women's Studies, Domine, HERA, Women's HELP Now, Platform for Reproductive Justice, SOLIDARNA, teachers from kindergardens and schools (as High school for agriculture) and individual women prepared special V parcels (including women's hygiene products and 'personal gifts'). Small boxes or bags of vegetable and flower seeds will be given away - to support raise gardens in spring. Parcel will be collected in Zagreb on February 13th - at the place where traditionally OBR events happen. 'Women to women' parcels (with personal messages to women) would be distributed to women at the event and through several groups on the field to women in the remote villages. A free bus would be organized to take women from Zagreb to Glina. Women artists/designers Irena Jukić Pranjić and Sanja Bachrach Krištofić designed this year poster(s) , a special platform will be created for the ongoing One Billion Rising Gardens - to inspire women to plant gardens, exchange seeds, etc. The event will be filmed and live streamed by Danijela Stanojević and friends.

About The Organization

OBR Network Croatia

OBR Network Croatia gathers groups form Zagreb and otehr cities in organizing OBR events. This year: CESI, Women's Room - center for sexual rights, RODA - parents in action, Center for Women's Studies, Domine, Split, HERA - Križevci, Women's HELP Now - SOS line, Platform for Reproductive Justice, SOLIDARNA - Foundation, Women from women's sections of Workers Unions, women from the Union od Associations of People with Disabilities

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