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Sharing stories of “Women-Friendly Justice”

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About The Event

On Jan 10th (a day before our Day of Justice 1.11), we launched the first press conference of 'One Billion Rising for Justice- Stories of Women/girl Friendly Justice " and invites prosecutor, lawyers, women organization activists, social workers to share some positive stories of judicial officers (judges, prosecutors, lawyers) who do more and use their power wisely to empower women in lawsuit process. The sharing stories were moving. The whole sharing not only broaden our images of women/girl-friendly justice, but also create understanding and communication between the government and NGOs. The Garden of Hope Foundation and the co-organizations also presented our initiatives in "women/girl-friendly justice" in different aspects, such as the laws, the structure, the space, the process and the people of the judicial system. Later we will have more sharing (approax. 10) across Taiwan between 2/7~2/14, and we plan to have a flash mob of words OBR and Justice (in Chinese) spelled with humans and lights (2.14 is Chinese Lantern Festival this year) on 2/14, the judicial officers will join us.

About The Organization

Garden of Hope Foundation

Main Organizer:
Garden of Hope Foundation http://www.goh.org.tw
Collaborative Foundations:
Taiwan Coalition Against Violence http://www.tcav.org.tw/
Modern Women's Foundation http://www.38.org.tw/A-index.asp
Judicial Reform Foundation http://www.jrf.org.tw/newjrf/index_new.asp
Law Aid Foundation http://www.laf.org.tw/tw/index.php

About The Organizer

Chi, Hui-Jung

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