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Transpersonal Change: Community Healing through Somatic Practice

United States > San Francisco > City College of San Francisco MUB 140 > 2018-02-27 > 02:45 pm

About The Event

This is a FREE PUBLIC EVENT at CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO! Join us for an afternoon with movement meditation, performance art and a delicious meal as we discuss the importance of building support and community. This workshop includes a guided meditation with Body-Mind Centering developmental movement exercises and a performance titled, EYES YIELD: The Importance of Healing a Rape Culture in Community. Eyes Yield engages Body-Mind Centering Techniques to bring awareness to recognizing trauma from physical and/or psychological rape, and how giving and receiving support balances and heals both individual and community. A person may not think they are affected by rape if they have not experienced it directly, yet we are all connected and when one is suffering it affects our entire social nervous system. Through dance we braid threads of trust and resiliency. Performers: Titania Kumeh, Zahava Cherques, Alaska Yamada, and Angela Newsham

About The Organization

Project SURVIVE, City College of San Francisco

Project SURVIVE is City College of San Francisco’s sexual violence prevention and healthy relationship promotion program.

The program is committed to social justice and is dedicated to ending all forms of power abuse--in personal relationships, social groups, and public institutions.

Housed in the Women’s Studies Department, the program trains students to make classroom presentations throughout the college. Peer educators, of all genders, offer students strategies for identifying, avoiding, and leaving abusive relationships.

The Project SURVIVE community includes trained peer educators as well as mentors and others focused on broadening their academic goals through a concentration on sexual violence prevention education.

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