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Sebastopol, California Flash Mob

United States > Sebastopol, CA > Town Square > 2014-02-14 > 12:00

About The Event

Flash Mob

About The Organization

We Are Women On The Move

We are a dynamic moving body of women.
We honor our beauty and power as we inspire and catalyze positive change in the world through self-expression and social activism: dance, voice, story & song.

We are Women on the Move calls together women from all walks of life…
for the purpose of speaking our truth and promoting personal & collective healing & transformation.

We see women as vital and pivotal to the shifts in consciousness occurring on the planet. We are responding to the call for the next phase in evolution of the women’s movement. We honor all those who have come before us making our work possible.

Joining hands, dancing to the beat of the drums,
singing with open hearts and shining our light;
we support women realizing our true potential
through empowerment, education and expressive arts.

We move forward with passion, purpose and potency.
We speak and move on behalf of women everywhere.
And in turn, on behalf of All Life!

We are Women on the Move!
Come Join Us!

About The Organizer

Quiana Grace Frost & Kris Freewoman

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