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India > Kolkata > Munshiganj > 2014-01-21 > 16:00

About The Event

A group of 25 children ranging from 10-15 years participated in a workshop hosted at the Apne Aap center in Kolkata on envisioning a violence-free future. This workshop was important because children in these communities have unfortunately been subjected to seeing a lot of violence in their families while growing up. All the children were made to sit in a circle and were shown pictures on abuse. They were then asked what they felt when they saw each picture. Then they were encouraged to talk to each other to understand each others’ points of view and to work on developing respect towards individuals of the opposite sex. For example, a child named Vivek, who has seen a lot of violence at home, expressed that he accepted that as a way of life, whereas another student, Pooja, who was given a lot of freedom at home, spoke about the importance of standing up for oneself. The children were then instructed on how to make E – Drawings depicting their own views on the matter. The E-drawing activity gave them an opportunity to practice their computer skills, build confidence in their ability to express themselves, process all of the ideas they had discussed, and envision a brighter future for themselves and their peers.

About The Organization

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Organizes women in prostitution and caste-communities trapped in inter-generational prostitution to end sex trafficking in the red-light areas of Bengal, Bihar, Delhi and Haryana in India.

About The Organizer

Apne Aap Women Worldwide, Kolkata Field Office

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