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One Billion Rising – Shakespeare’s Women Speak

United Kingdom > Stratford-upon-Avon > 22 Chapel Street > 2017-02-14 > 04:00 pm

About The Event

"Do you not know I am woman? When I think I must speak!" Rosalind, As You Like It, Act 3 scene 2

About The Organization

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

The right and freedom to speak our minds, to express our thoughts and emotions, to feel deeply, to chase our dreams and to love who we love without censorship and out loud in our society without fear or judgement is something that every woman and child deserves.

Gathering together in the Mind's Eye at Shakespeare's New Place, in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon, we invite you to come and be part of a reading of some of Shakespeare's most dynamic, outspoken, brave and inspirational women.

These are not just words - these are words which speak to the heart of each of us. Words which embrace the human condition and celebrate the wife, the mother, the daughter, the lover, the ingenue and the warrior in us all.

All proceeds and donations from the event will go to support the vital work of Refuge, and specifically the Stratford-upon-Avon Women's Refuge. To learn more about Refuge's work, please visit www.refuge.org.uk

Come and listen.
Come and take part.
Come and be part of the movement as we show gratitude for those who have gone before us and those who will continue to stand up for what is right.

Together we will make our voices heard and our solidarity felt around the world.
Together we can and we will make a difference in ending the exploitation of women.
Together we will bring an end domestic violence in our communities.

Readers include:
Anjna Chouhan
Hattie Johnson-Gibbs
Sophia Giles
Vanessa Gravestock
Lizzie Huskisson
Phoebe Kirkland
Chloe Malendewicz
Michelle Morton
Diana Owen
Rebecca Pratt
Jennifer Reid
Ciara May Willson
Sacha Wood

About The Organizer

Catherine Fannin Peel

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