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Greece > Athens > Petras 93 Kolonos > 2022-02-14 > 03:00 pm

About The Event

This dance on February 14 will be danced by women in 130 countries around the world. This promotion has been running for the 10th year in a row. I first heard about it in 2016, Olya Gorbunova did it in Belarus then. This action is in support of women victims of violence. Now Olya is in prison in Belarus. One in three women has experienced violence. Many are afraid to talk about it, endure to the last. Olya worked in Belarus for 18 years as a Shelter Shelter for women who had nowhere to go. I want this topic to be heard so that women are not afraid to speak and seek help, not be ashamed and not listen to those who say "it's her own fault." In any country there are organizations and people where you can apply. In Greece, one such organization is ActionAde. They gave us a place. February 14 at 15.00 we will meet there. Rehearsals will take place in Kallithea next week (time and place will be written upon request) Join and learn dance!

About The Organizer

Tania Apet

I am from Belarus. I live in Athens, Greece.

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