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North Devon Flash Mob Dance

United Kingdom > Barnstaple > The high street > 2014-02-15 > 12:00 pm

About The Event

We will be performing 'Break the chain' dance choreography in Barnstaple high street as a flash mob. All abilities, ages and gender welcome.....basically anyone that wants to be a part of it! There will be two free classes 7th & 14th Feb 12.30-2.30pm at Petroc dance studio on the brannams site and of course there is the 'you tube' clip to learn from. T.shirts are also available from the official site. For info or to be a part of it please call 07581883698

About The Organizer


I have been teaching dance for over 10 years now and love to make it accessible to everyone- dance is simply an expression of life and helps set us free. I do a lot of charity work and am also currently fulfilling a dream of writing.
I have 3 beautiful children and feel extremely passionate about helping people to become more aware in order for the world to change and become a safer and more loving place for my children and theirs........

Love is a gift and is expressed in the tiny details of life, if you are one that is thinking 'how can I make a difference by dancing'?' or 'nobody will miss me being a part of this', this is more untrue than you realise. Every movement, every thought and every intention vibrates through the universe effecting all like dominoes. Dance lifts our vibration and creates unconditional love for ourselves in a single moment which lasts forever on the planets consciousness.
Let us come together as mothers, daughters, sisters and teachers and show the world how to love again x

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