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Nazywam się Miliard/ One Billion Rising Warsaw – Poland

Poland > Warsaw > Plac Zamkowy, Warsaw, Poland > 2020-02-15 > 02:00 pm

About The Event

In this year we will be dance and educating society about consent for intimate relation. Our slogan is „Only YES mean consent. Sex without consent is RAPE”. And we try to prepare Polish society, authorities, politics, lawyers to change definition of rape in Polish law. Many countries have changed their laws regarding sexual violence, recognizing that sex without consent is rape. These are very important changes. In Poland, it is still a woman / girl who must prove that she said "no" loud enough and clearly to prove guilty of the rapist. What if she was sleeping or someone threw her a rape pill? How could she say „yes" or refuse?

About The Organization

Feminoteka Foundation

Feminoteka Foundation, feminist organization in Poland coordinates in Poland OBR action since 2013. We inspired almost 100 groups, organization and individual person OBR action in whole Poland - in big cities, little towns and villages. Now it it’s the largest anti-violence action in our country.
The main goal of Feminoteka is preventing female violence. We give psychological and legal support for survivors for free.

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