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Justice For All

Pakistan > Saidu Sharif Swat > Swat Youth Front (Head Office) > 2014-02-14 > 16:00

About The Event

A seminar "Justice For All" will be arranged on the implementation of provincial bill "Enforcement of women Ownership Right Act 2012". In which women, lawyers, religious scholars, journalists, students, teachers and civil society members will participate. In this Seminar speeches will be delivered on the importance of "Enforcement of women Ownership Right Act 2012". Plan of action for advocacy campaign and lobbying will be finalized.

About The Organization

Swat Youth Front

SYF is an independent, flexible, democratic, non-profit youth organization working for poverty reduction, literacy, employment, women empowerment and peace building in Malakand Region, KPK, Pakistan since 1997 with a vision to strive in partnership with community, public and civil society organizations to achieve MDGs for developing a just, peaceful and prosperous society where all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of gender, color, race, religion and status.
SYF was established in 1997 by a group of highly motivated and civic minded youths and was formally registered in 1999 under Social Welfare & Volunteer NGOs Registration and Control Act 1961 government of Pakistan.
Over the last one decade SYF enjoys the history of being a civil society organization committed to work for the socio-economic development of the inhabitants of Malakand Region with the main purpose to bring changes in policies with the help of the locals that can lead them towards a prosperous and peaceful society by promoting volunteerism in youth.
SYF has the history of working with all segments of society even with little resources and expertise. Therefore, after its one decade history SYF felt it necessary to work as an institution with an extended and holistic philosophy of participatory development to help the deprived and marginalized segments of society to have an access to basic health, education, economical opportunities together with prosperous and peaceful society.
With the passage of time, SYF has developed its capacity to meet and acclimatize the changing environment in its surrounding and work with small and big donors to facilitate the process of development and smooth delivery of benefits to the communities at large, along with Publication on Capacity Building of local CCBs/ CBOs together with various technical training to enhance and built the capacity of staff

About The Organizer

Haris Badar

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