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JCAL “Mother’s In White” Healing the Heart of Moorland /Invite All to A Victory Over Violence Power Spiral Dance & More

United States > Santa Rosa > Moorland Ave and West Robles > 2014-02-14 > 06:00 pm

About The Event

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,then they fight you, then you win. ~Mahatma Gandhi All people are invited to join the "Mother's In White" - Victory over (Police and All Violence) Spiral dance. Wear white and accentuate with PowerPink & GroundingGold Ribbons and/or bows. Suhay Lopez and Andy's neighborhood, friends and family have been faced with continual police brutality and the senseless murder of her (Sudhay) 13-year old son Andy Lopez by Sonoma County Sheriff Department.

About The Organization

Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez

The Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez is a group of independent organizations and individuals working together to achieve justice for the killing of Andy Lopez by Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus, and also to affect systemic changes that will put an end to police brutality and human rights violations in Sonoma County.
As of 1/16/2014 The Coalition demands the following:
1. Indict Erick Gelhaus
2. Build the Andy Lopez Memorial Park
3. Drop the Bogus Charges on Ramon & Louie
4. Justice for Andy Lopez

We hope that the work of this coalition will help set a standard for communities throughout the United States.

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