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United States > New York City > All Souls sanctuary > 2014-02-14 > 05:30 pm

About The Event

1. bra stories, by Cynthia Berkshire 2. Demerara Gold by Ingrid Griffith 3. Monologues and testimonials by the high school girls of the Enuf is Enuf campaign

About The Organization

NYC OBR Art-ivists

We are part of the NYC OBR planning committee. Our group is dedicated to mobilizing and igniting various arts risings around our beautiful city including flashmobs, public performances, speak outs, street art, and fierce women survivors and allies uniting through song, dance, music, spoken word, and testimonials. For more information visit our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/216889275169091/

About The Organizer

Various artists

bra stories grew from a workshop developing from a performance project,
IRIS GETS READY FOR HER DATE. The first workshop was taught at the
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and has been given in a variety
of venues.

Demerara Gold is a girl's story of coming to America from Guyana to be reunited with her parents and finding an ancient strength to battle the violence in her new home. Ingrid has been writing and workshopping Demerara Gold over the last year and will be performing the second half of the show onFebruary 18 at Stage Left Studio at 214 W. 30th St. in NYC and on Saturday, February 22 at Ionica Theatre on 300 W. 43rd St. in NYC.

Enuf is Enuf is a collective of young women and men from a girl’s coalition aimed at ending violence against women. We are based in New York City, but our community is borderless. Wherever you are, you are a part of us! Enuf is Enuf is part of the StopSlut Movement and its creators are members of the NYC StopSlut Girl Coalition, a community of NYC girls unified in raising awareness around the issues of slut-shaming and sexual assault while inspiring positive attitudes toward female sexuality. It's time to StopSlut. www.StopSlut.com

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