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Dancing with Mother Earth!

United States > San Diego > 13014 Calle De las Rosas San Diego, California USA 92129 > 2019-02-10 > 05:00 pm

About The Event

Our Earth Mother, Gaia, was asleep to me, but now I am awakened and awake with her and it makes me want to DANCE! A wooden statue of Mother Mary came to life for me as a child in a vision. She has guided and loved me and now I am a grandmother called to protect all children and grandchildren. Now I must give up childish ways and as an adult treat her as someone with flesh and blood feelings that has given me life! She is our common Mother Earth, Gaia. As a human family we have forgotten how to be in real loving relationship with her. Now science and all the ancient wisdom traditions teach us that she is a feeling being. Our Earth Mother has been treated as if she was dead but she has come to life for many of us and our human consciousness is RISING about our ecologic crisis and creative new ways to embody an ecologic civilization. We must learn this in our own bodies. One class room for a crash course to learn embodiment is the dance floor. It is time to celebrate and dance with her, to dance and celebrate our own bodies, to dance with one another in joy that we are still alive. One Billion of us will Rise this next week to dance with you, on you, in you, all around you. Thank you for your holy body, for our holy bodies, for all of our bodies moving and swaying in and out in miraculous relationship with one another. We will dance in the interconnected intertwining movement of love to heal you, to heal ourselves, to heal one another and every creature. What we have done to women's bodies we have done to the earth. Come heal yourself, one another and our common home Mother Earth with One Billion Rising! call Rev. Bonnie Tarwater (858) 248-5123 www.churchforourcommonhome.com. Pot luck dinner immediately following at the Mary Magdalene Cafe.

About The Organization

Church for our Common Home

A church dedicated to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine and the Arts.
A non-profit that provides artistic, religious and psychological services to awaken to the moral and ecologic crisis as an invitation for spiritual growth and creating loving community with all of creation, caring for our common home, Mother Earth.

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