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India > HYDRABAD > Dr.BR Ambedkar College, Baghlingampalli > 2019-01-27 > 03:30 pm

About The Event

Our Constitution declares India to be a sovereign, democratic republic, socialist, secular and promises justice, equality, integrity and liberty to all its citizens. But what we witness everyday is a gross violation of the Fundamental Rights of women and the marginalised citizens’, such as the Right to Equality, Right to Life, and Right to Freedom of Expression without fear or threat. We realize that as a country we are going through very difficult and turbulent times. We as responsible citizens need to come together and pledge to demand and strengthen our national unity, harmony, peace, gender justice, equality in the private and public sphere; unity against divisive republic; and free from all forms of gender violence and violation of rights. We need to demand autonomy of national justice systems and institutions and adherence to our fundamental Rights. We need to express our solidarity with larger people’s movements, especially the ones from the most marginalised sections of the society. We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones physically and intellectually and deepen our understanding of various kinds of oppression and exploitation as against the Fundamental Rights of our Constitution. We need to come together to celebrate Our Constitution and commit to resistance and solidarity.

About The Organization

OBR Telangana -OBR INDIA

On this day of 27th January 2019, we are standing and pledging together to
Rise for celebrating Our Constitution and Protection of Civil Liberties for all Citizens
Save our democracy by protecting the basic principles of our Constitution and to strengthen the demands of our Rights as Citizens!
Express our solidarity to the people and their families who suffered from injustice and atrocities and to strengthen their demands for justice to be heard.
Rise to free women, transgender, dalits, tribals and marginalised minorities and communities free from all kinds of violence, oppression, discrimination and violation of fundamental rights in economic, political, socio-cultural, environmental and ideological spheres
Commit ourselves to a deeper examination of violation of fundamental rights guaranteed as per our constitution and spread the message of unity, harmony, love, non-violence, peace, diversity and inclusion
Rise to show that we are determined to create a new kind of consciousness – one where violation of Fundamental Rights will be resisted until it is unthinkable.

Let’s all
Unite together to celebrate our Constitution on the eve of 70th anniversary of the REPUBLIC DAY!
PLEDGE together to stand by the Fundamental Principles of the Constitution!
Raise together our collective voices demanding Justice, Unity, Harmony and Peace!!
Telangana OBR Network
Organisations: AIDWA, Aman VedikaRainbow Homes, Amoomath Society, ANKURAM, APSA, Ashritha, Bhumika Women’s Collective, Centre for Social & Constitutional Studies, COWE, Gramya, Hyderabad devt. Trainers Collective, Intersex Transgender Samithi, Janani Foundation, LIGHT, Mahitha, MVF, Pearlss 4 Development, Phoenix, POW, Prajaswamya Rachayitrula Vedika, Sannihitha, Safe Shelter Forum, SHAHIN Women Resource Centre, Stay Safe Campaign, SWARD, Telangana Domestic Workers Union, Telangana Hijra, Telangana Praja Samskruthika Vedika, Voices for Gender Justice, Women Resource Centre,

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