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Bury the White House in Books

United States > Washington, DC > The Whtie House > 2017-02-14 > 12:00 am

About The Event

In the New York Times, Donald Trump revealed he doesn’t read books. Sad! This Valentine's Day, share our love of literature and hopes for a better world by burying the Oval Office in a mountain of great books. In the process, we’ll support local bookstores and the publishing industry. Here’s how it works, in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Buy a book you think President Trump should read at your local indie bookstore or favorite book purveyor. Step 2: Inside the book, write a note to the administration either explaining why you chose the book, and/or promoting an issue you care about. Anything of your choice. Step 3: This February 14th, Valentine’s Day, put your book in the mail to: President Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 We’d like everyone to mail the book on the same day, so that they all arrive roughly at once en masse. Feel free to mail more than one book, but please mail each book separately to increase the volume of mail. Extra credit: for each book you send the White House, buy an extra one to donate to a worthy cause, like a local school or library.

About The Organization

Leaders are Readers

We advocate for supporting writers, independent bookstores, and publishers to protect free expression and our culture.

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