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BE AWARE at the India Art Fair 2015.

India > New Delhi > India Art Fair, Okhla Industrial area > 2015-01-29 >

About The Event

Be Aware is an artistic presentation and performance by Italy-based artist Janine von Thungen, where she uses sculptures made by hair to bring attention to the issue of modern sex slavery and human trafficking. In an interactive manner, these works offer themselves to be unravelled, where in audiences take away some hair from these sculptures, becoming mementos. These become both the metaphors and memories, for millions of girls and women worldwide who are forcefully pushed into sex trade, making it the third largest industry globally, after armaments and drug dealership.

About The Organization

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Apne Aap Women Worldwide, is an Indian anti-sex trafficking organisation formed by journalist Ruchira Gupta and 22 women in Prostitution to create a world where no women is bought or sold. It has armed more than 20,000 arm-less girls and women and the family members in red-light areas, and among caste communities suffering from inter-generational prostitution with schools, bank accounts, citizenship documents and ability to campaign and fight against traffickers. It works in Bihar, West Bengal and Delhi.

About The Organizer

Janine Von Thungen

Janine Von Thungen s an Italy-based artist, born in Germany. She is among the few talented feminist artist engaged in sculpture, installation and sound art. Her network involves with issues of feminity, water and notions of duality. She deliberated a talk about her reflections on the use of art for social awareness at the Oxford Book store, as a part of Apne Aap's monthly series "Feminism Beyond Boundaries". Her latest sculpture on a theme ' Be Aware' was exhibited at the 7th edition of India Art Fair 2015. BE AWARE sculpture girl has no arms, which shows she is defenseless, and it stands for all the children, especially the young girls who are forced into modern sex slavery. Earlier, she had exhibited her artwork in Belgium (Lippelo, 1998), Paris (Evolutions, 2005) and Rome (Give a Hand, 2010).

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