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Almunecar Rises

Spain > Almunecar > Plaza de Ayuntamiento, Mercado Municipal. > 2016/02/ 13 > 12:00 noon

About The Event

Dance, Drum, Rise in the streets of the town starting at 12 until 2. We will be dancing and giving testimony along with Spanish women! In front of the town hall at 12 noon on Saturday 13th February. We will be wearing black or dark clothes with a scarf or sash of red orange or pink. We will have placards expressing our feelings about what happens to women worldwide and in our own countries. Vamos a pasar por las calles y plazas de Almunecar, con baile musica y percusion. Llevamos ropa negra o color obscure con una bufanda rojo naranja o rosa en color

About The Organization

Almunecar international Women's Group

A network of women from all over the world living in Almunecar and La Herradura district in Granada Province.

About The Organizer

Frances (English) and Leticia( Spanish)

We did a small local rising here in 2013. Two of us were in Mumbai for the rising there in 2014. As feminists we try to make links with local Spanish organisations working on the issue of violence to women

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