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2nd Annual 1BBR Youth Open Mic Night to END Gender-based Violence

United States > Pittsburgh > 5139 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 > 2/10/2017 > 5:30P

About The Event

SistahSpeak Youth Project will be hosting the 2nd Annual "One Billion BEEN Rising for Justice in Pittsburgh: Youth Open Mic to End Gender-Based Violence" on Friday, February 10, 6P-8:30P at BOOM Concepts. Dinner promptly starts at 5:30P. Through poetry, music, and dance we hope to elevate the voices of youth in our City, as we honor our stories and use our collective power to spark social change in our Pittsburgh community to create a world where violence will become unthinkable. We are dedicating this year’s open mic night to Bresha Meadows, a 15-year-old teen currently incarcerated for allegedly killed her abusive father. SYP!™ is committed to remembering and uplifting the names and stories of survivors and victims of domestic violence in solidarity with Bresha and the many other young women and femmes who fight for their survival.

About The Organization

SistahSpeak! Youth Project™

New Voices is developing the next generation of Reproductive Justice leaders through the SistahSpeak! Youth Project™!. SYP!™ is a leadership development, mentorship, and cultural enrichment program dedicated to the complete health and wellbeing of young Black women, femmes, and girls (16-24) in Pittsburgh. Through our programs and special events, we create safe, youth-centered spaces that celebrate and affirm the beauty, power, and resilience of young Black women and femmes. SYP!™ members learn life-skills, engage in arts and cultural activities, partner with a mentor, and become leaders in their communities, schools, and lives!

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