Look Who’s Rising (C-G)

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Activists worldwide are rising – people just like you – alongside high profile supporters, civic leaders, and a wide range of grassroots and global organizations.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the global organizations who are rising:

Courtney’s House


Covenant House

Cowichan Women Against Violence Society

Cranbrook Womens Resource Centre


Creaky Shoal Dance Studio

Creative Dynamics

Creativity Dance Studio

Crecent City Women’s Shelter of New Orleans

Crescent House

CRVENA, Association for Culture and Art Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Crime Vicitim and Sexual Violence Center

Crime Victim Center of Chester County

Crime Victims Assistance Program

Crime Victims’ Center

Crime Victim’s Center of Chester County

Crime Victim’s Council of the Lehigh Valley

Crime Victims Treatment Center

Crime Victim’s Treatment Center of St.Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center

Crime Victims/Rape Crisis Center Of Chester County

Crisis Call Center’s Sexual Assault Support Services

Crisis Center

Crisis Center for Women

Crisis Center North

Crisis Center of Dodge City

Crisis Center of Magic Valley

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Crisis Center, Inc.

Crisis Centre

Crisis Committee of the India Society of Worcester

Crisis Intervention Shelter Services

Crisis Line and Safe House

Crisis Line and Safe House of Middle Georgia

Crisis of Buckhannon

Crisis Resource Center of Southeast Kansas, Inc.

Crisis Services Advocate Program

Crisis Services of North Alabama

Crisis Service’s Sexual Assault Response Nurse Examiner (SANE) program


Dakota State University

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

Dallas County Sexual Assault Coalition

Dallas Parkland Rape Crisis Center

Dana Farber

Dance 101

Dance Parade New York

Dandelion Counseling Ceter

Dar teresa spinelli

Dare County Domestic Violence Task Force

Darkness to Light

DARPANA Academy in Ahmedabad


Dasi Hamkke Center

Dating Abuse Stops Here (DASH)

Daughter’s of Charity: Capuchin Center

Daughters of Eve

David and Margaret Home


DAWN- Deaf Abused Women’s Network

Dawn House

Dawn’s Place

Dawson City Women’s Shelter

Dawson Women’s Shelter

Day One

Daybreak Crisis Recovery Center

Daytona Beach Domestic Abuse Council

DC Rape Crisis Center

DC Women’s Rape Crisis Center

De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter

Deaf Abused Women and Children Advocacy Services

Deaf Abused Women’s Network

Deaf Bridge, Inc.

Deaf Domestic Violence Fund

Deaf Domestic Violence Services

Deaf Hope


Deaf Women Advocacy Services

Deaf Women Againist Violence Everywhere

Deaf Women of the OZ

Deana’s Fund

Deborah Evind’s Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Debreceni SZETA Csalaa¡dok Aameneti Otthona

December 6th Fund

Defensa de Mujeres

Defense of Iraqi Women’s Rights

Dekalb Rape Crisis Center

Delvena Women’s Refuge

Democratic Youth Bhutan


Denise House

Desa Dubrovnik

Destiny House

Diakonia Council of Churches

Didi Bahini



Dinner for Divas

Diplomado en Atencion Integral del VIH

Direccion General de la Mujer de Atizapan de Zaragoza

Diva By Cindy

Doctors for Health and Environment

Doctors Without Walls

Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Outreach

Dolphin House

Domestic Abuse & Rape Crisis Center

Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center, Inc.

Domestic Abuse Council

Domestic Abuse Family Shelter,Inc.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services of Madison

Domestic Abuse Project

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County

Domestic and Other Violent Emergencies (DOVE)

Domestic Vilence Victims Assistance Center

Domestic Violance Project of Cantonshelter of greater canton

Domestic Violence Program, United Serivices, Inc.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program of Jefferson County

Domestic Violence Abuse Council

Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center (DVCAC)

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center of Scotland County

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County

Domestic Violence and Victim Support

Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas

Domestic Violence Center of Chester County

Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland

Domestic Violence Center of Howard Co., Inc.

Domestic Violence Center of Rutherford County

Domestic Violence Center of the Santa Clarita Valley

Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline

Domestic Violence Coalition Summer Internship Scholarship

Domestic Violence Crisis Center

Domestic Violence Hardship Fund

Domestic Violence Helpline: Emergency Safety Fund for victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Intervention Center of Lebanon County

Domestic Violence Legal Education and Advocacy Program

Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis

Domestic Violence Program of Murfreesboro

Domestic Violence Program, United Services, Inc.

Domestic Violence Project, Inc.

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Domestic Violence Service Center

Domestic Violence Services Network

Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties

Domestic Violence Services of Fayette County

Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven

Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster

Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Program of Jefferson Country WA

Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.

Domestic Violence Shelter of the Greater New Haven Area

Domestic Violence Shelter of Wilmington

Domestic Violence Shelter YWCA Schenectady

Domestic Violence Solutions

Domestic Violence Support Service

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Task Force of Gibson County, Inc.

Domestic Workers United


Dominican University

Dones Progressistes

Donna chiama donna

Door of Hope

Doorways For Women and Families

Dorset Community House

DOUDA, Recerca de Dones


DOVE Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Women and Children

Dove Center

Dove Harbor

DOVE Hawke’s Bay

Downeast Sexual Assault Services

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

Downtown Outreach Center and Shelter

Downtown Women’s Action Coalition

Downtown Womens Center

Dr.Roz’s Healing Place

Dragon Jane

DreamCatcher Foundation

Dress for Success Worldwide

Duang Prateep Foundation

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Ducotedes Femmes

Duke University Office of Sexual Assault Support Services

Duluth Bethel Women’s Program

Dunn House & SAVS

DUODA, Recerca de Dones

DuPage Family Shelter

Durango SASO

Durebang Shelter

Durham Crisis Response Center

Durham Rape Crisis Centre

Durham Region Intimate-Partner Violence Empowerment Network

Durham Women’s Refuge


DV Helpline



DVC Scholarship Fund

DVIS-Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc.

Dwa Fanm



Dympna House

Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project

East African Sanitary Towel Initiative

East County Family Justice Center

East Fife Women’s Aid

East Kent Rape Crisis Line

East Kilbride Women’s Aid

East L.A. Women’s Center

East Lancs Advocacy

East Los Angeles Women Center

East Lothian Women’s Aid

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service

Eastside Domestic Violence Program

Eaves Housing

ECAM Bolivia


ECPAT Taiwan

Edinburgh Women’s Rape And Sexual Abuse Centre (EWRASAC)

Educational Training Centre for Poor Women and Girls of Afghanistan (ECW)

Ek Sangarsh

Ekal Nari Shakti sangathana

Ekta Madurai

El Centro Humanitario

El Periodico

El Refugio

El Rio – Entre Familia Program

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Elgin Crisis Center

Elise Martin Crosby Scholarship Fund

Eliza Shirley House

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum

Elizabeth Buffam Chace House

Elizabeth Freeman Center

Elizabeth Fry Hostel

Elizabeth Fry Society

Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa

Elizabeth Fry Society-Moncton

Elizabeth Fry Toronto

Elizabeth Hoffman House

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth Stone House

Elizabeth Trust

Elkhart County Women’s Shelter

Elkhart Women’s Assisstance

ELLA Group

ELLE Belgique

Ellen Hines Smith Girls’ Home


Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre

Elsie Martin Crosby Scholarship Fund

Emakumen Internazionalistak

Embrace International

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Emcure Pharmaceticals Ltd.

Emerge Global

Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

Emergency Home, Association for the Promotion of the the Status of Women

Emilie Andersen


Eminent Lawyer

Emma Center

Emma Goldman Clinic

Emma Norton Services

Emmaus House


Empower Dalit Women of Nepal


EMPOWER: Empowering Women Through Art, Culture, and Education

Empowered Living Inc.

Empowerment Program

Empowerment Works

END Violence Center

Ending Youth Dating program (CRA)


Enkishon Nataana

Enlace Comunitario


EPIC Crisis Nursery

Equal Access

Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD)

Equal Justice Foundation

Equality Now

Equay Wiigamig

Equinox Inc

Equipo Feminista de Comunicacion

Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh

Equity Center

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

Escuela Cubana de Baile

Escuela de Formacion de Profesores de Ensenanza Media

Eskalera karakola

Espace Simone de Beauvoir

Esperanza Shelter

Essex County Rape Care Center

Esther House


ESZTER Foundation and Center

ETC Girls LEAD Program

Ethra Accademia Sociale Onlus

European Commission

European Women’s Lobby

Eva Women’s Aid

Evanston Shelter for Battered Women and their Children (YWCA Evanston)

EVE for Life

Eve, Inc.

Eve, Incorporated

Evelyn’s House

Every Woman’s Center

Every Woman’s Place

Every Women’s House

Everyone’s Issue

EVE’s Fund, Inc.

Eve’s Place

Exchange Club of Memphis

Exeter Women’s Aid

Extension Liberty

Fabric of Life

Faculty of Medicine Global Health Interest Group

Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption

Faith House

Faith Trust Institute

Families and Communities Empowered for Safety

Familiy Resources

Family Abuse Center

Family Abuse Center, Waco, TX

Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County, Inc.

Family and Child Treatment

Family and Children Services of Central Maryland

Family and Children’s Services

Family and Children’s Services of Carroll County

Family and Individual Resousce FAIR Society

Family Counseling Center’s Domestic Violence Program of Fulton County

Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes

Family Crises Counsel of Rowan County

Family Crisis Center

Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County

Family Crisis Center of Northwest Mississippi

Family Crisis Center of Prince George’s County

Family Crisis Intervention Center

Family Crisis Resource Center, Inc.

Family Crisis Service

Family Crisis Services of Northwest Mississippi, Inc.

Family Crisis Shelter of Montgomery County, Indiana

Family Life Center

Family Matters of Greater Washington

Family Place

Family Planning Association of Maine

Family Planning Clinic

Family Planning of Plymouth

Family Rescue, Inc.

Family Resource Center

Family Resources

Family Service Agency Rape Crisis Center

Family Service League

Family Service NY

Family Service Society, Inc.

Family Services a la Famille Ottawa

Family Services Alliance

Family Services Alliance in Pocatello

Family Services Battered Women’s Shelter

Family Services Center of Tulare County

Family Services Inc.

Family Services Inc. of Forsyth County

Family Services of Blair County – Domestic Abuse Project

Family Services of Tulare Country Rape Crisis Services

Family Services of Winston Salem

Family Services, Inc.

Family Support Center of Southwestern Utah

Family Tree

Family Tree Drop-In Centre

Family Unity: local shelter for battered women in Charlotte, NC

Family Values At Work Consortium

Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services

Family Violence Center

Family Violence Center YWCA

Family Violence Center, Inc

Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County

Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County

Family Violence Prevention Services

Family Violence Program of Pitt County

Family Violence Project

Family Violence Rape Crisis of Chatham County, NC

Family of Woodstock – Domestic Violence Center

Farmworker Justice


Father Figures

Fatigues Clothesline

Fatima Foundation

Fauquier Family Shelter: Domestic Abuse Branch

Faye Peterson Transition House

Fayetteville Rape Crisis Center

Federation for Nepalese Indigenous Women (NIWF)




Female Prisoner Welfare Project-HIBISCUS Jamaica Ltd


FemiNis – Festival Zenskog Aktivizma i Umetnosti, Nis, Serbia

Feminist Collective

Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)

Feminist Health Center

Feminist Magazine Radio

Feminist Women’s Health Center (Trauma Survivor Services)


Feministische Partei – DIE FRAUEN


Femmes Agressiones Sexuellement

Femmes Contre les Integrismes

Femmes Debout


Femmes Solidaires

Femmes Sourdes Citoyennes et Solidaires



Fenway Community Health

Fernie Women’s Resource Centre


Fierce Woman Found Ministries

Fife Rape and Sexual Assualt Centre

Fight the Silence

Filia die Frauenstiftung

Filipino American Human Services, Inc.

Finex House

Finnish Mission

First BH. Multimedia Center for Women and Girls

First Step

Fistula Foundation

FIU Victim Advocacy Center

FIU Women’s Studies Center


Flora Tristan

Florida Resource Center for Women and Children, Inc.

Florida State University Women’s Center

Fondacija CURE – CURE Foundation Sarajevo

Fondation Scorpion

Fondazione pime onlus

Fonderie 47

Foothills Alliance Crisis Center

For All Seasons, Inc.

For the Girlz

Forensic Nurse Examiner Program

Forks Abuse Program

Fort Kent Battered Woman’s Project

Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society

Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society

Fort Wayne Sexual Assualt Treatment Center

Fort Worth Women’s Center

Fortin de las Flores

Fortress Outreach Women’s Center

Forum for Empowerment of Women

Forum Mitra Kasih

Forward UK

Foundation CURE

Foundation for Reading Area Community College’s Edward S. Daniels Memorial Scholarship Fund

Foyer du Jarlot CHRS Morlaix



Francis Perkins House

Franklin County Family Resources Center

Franklin County Women’s Shelter

Franklin Family Planning

Frauenberatungsstelle Belladonna Klagenfurt

Frauenhaus Bern

Frauenhaus Bremen

Frauenhauser des Frankfurter Vereins

Frauenhauser Wien

Frauenhilfe Frankfurt e.V.

Frauennotruf Idar-Oberstein

Frauennotruf Muenchen

Frauennotruf Nürnberg

Frauennotruf Trier

Frauenzentrum Towanda

Fred Victor Centre Women’s Hostel

Fredericksburg Hope House

Fredericton Grace House

Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

Free Battered Women

Freedom From Fistula Foundation-Kenya

Freedom House

Freedom House Detroit

Freedom House San Francisco

The French American Center of Montpellier, France

Fresh Start of Indiana

Friendly Haven

Friends of Battered Women and Their Children

Friends Of Courage United Survivors

Friends of Guardian Ad Litem

Friends of Maiti Nepal

Friends of Mel’s Foundation

Friends of the Congo

Friends of the Fairfax County Victim’s Assitance Network

Friends of the Monmouth County Child Advocacy Center, Inc

Friends of the Women’s Center

Friends of Yates Center

Friendship Home of Lincoln

Friendship of Women, Inc.


FSJ Women’s Resource Society


FSU Women’s Center

Full Circle Living

Fundacion Baila Corazon

Fundacion Guillermo Toriello

Fundacion Isis

Fundacion Iturbide

Fundacion Kinal

Fundacion Manos Entrelazadas

Fundacion Mujer Sola

Fundacion para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer

Fundacion Reflejos

Fundacion Sobrevivientes Guatemala

Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana

Fundacja Feminoteka

Futures Without Violence


FWLD – Forum for Women, Law and Development 



G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp

Gabay Kalinga WestBay Pilipino Multiservice Center

Gabfai of Northern Thailand



GaDuGi SafeCenter/RVSS

Gahaya Links


Galillee Centre

Gallatin HomeSafe

Galloway School

Galway Rape Crisis Centre




Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope Fundation

Garston Domestic Violence Project

Gary Commission for Women/Rainbow Shelter

Gateway Association For Community Living

Gateway Battered Women’s Services

Gateway House

Gateway Recovery Programme

Gateway YWCA Women’s Resource Center Clinton, IA


GCC Women’s Resource Center

GEEZ Louise!

Gender Development Council

Gender Dialogues of IHEID

Gender Equity Resource Center

Gender Institute at the GUAHAN Project

Gender Links

Gender Violence Recovery Centre – Nairobi Women’s Hospital

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT)

Generation FIVE

Genesee County YWCA

Genesis Charity

Genesis House

Genesis of the YWCA, Richmond, IN

Genesis Women’s Shelter

Genieve Shelter

GeoGebra Institute of Kerala

George Brown’s Women and Trans Centre

George Mason University Victims of Violence Fund

Georges Malaika Foundation

Georgetown Equal justice Foundation

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Network To End Sexual Assault

Georgia Perimeter Colleges

Georgie State University Dance Ensemble

Georgie Tech

Georgia WAND

Georgia Women for a Change

Germaine Lawrence, Inc

Get Your Dance On

GEW Kreisverband Nürnberg

Ghana Police Service – Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit


Gignoo Transition House

Gilead Therapeutics

Girl Be Heard (aka Project Girl Performance Collective)

Girl Child Network

Girl Fest

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars Oklahoma

Girl, Inc of San Antonio

Girl Up

Girl Up Woodward Academy



Girls Artful Transformation Program

Girls for Gender Equity

Girls Inc Worcester

Girls Inc, Tulsa

Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley

Girls Inc. of the NSV

Girls Incorporated of New York City

Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region

Girls Kick It

Girl’s LEAP

Girls on the Run

Girls Shift Africa

Girls Way

Girls Write Now

Girls, Inc of Santa Fe

Girls. Inc

Gisborne Women’s Refuge Centre

GLAD Domestic Violence Services

Glasgow North West Women’s Centre

Glasgow Women’s Aid

Global Arts and Development Centre

Global Arts and Development Centre – Ghana

Global Classroom


Global Gandhi Forum

Global Green USA

Global Solutions

Global Youth Network

Gloucestershire Domestic Violence Support and Advocacy Project

GMHC (Womans Program)

GOAP Centro Antiviolenza

Goethe Institute

Golden Girls

Golden House

Golden House Family Violence Center

Golden Women’s Resource Center

Good Samaritan Training Center for Street Girls

Good Shepherd Center

Goodhue Wabasha Sexual Assault Services

GORD – Gradjanska Organizacija Razvoja Dalj , Croatia

Grace Cathedral

Grace Smith House

Graciela Solis

Gracious Homes INC.

Grady Rape Crisis Center

Grahamstown Safe House

GrassROOTS Community Foundation

Gratiot County Women’s Aid Services

Grayson County Womens’ Crisis Center

Great Lakes Ob/Gyn Associates

Greater Domestic London Violence Project

Greater Kansas City Industrial Workers of the World GMB

Greater L.A. YWCA-Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Greater Lafayette YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program

Greater London Domestic Violence Project

Greater New Bedford Women’s Center

Green Dot Program

Green Haven Shelter for Women

Green Pastures Church

Green Rural Development Organisation (GRDO)

Greenhouse Shelter

Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Abuse Center

Greenwich House

Greenwich Womens Aid

Gretta Foundation

Groupe D’Intervention en Violence Conjugale chez les Lesbiennes

Grune Jugend

Grupo De Mejora Continua

Grupo Guatemalteco de Mujeres

Guadalupe Valley Family Violence Shelter, Inc.

Guardian Angel Community Services Sexual Assault Service Center

Guardian Family Services

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

Guided To Safety

Guilford Women and Family Life Center

Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence

Guma Esperansa Women’s Shelter

GVSU Women’s Center


Gyeongnam Migrant Women’s Shelter

Gyeongnam Multicultural family Support Center

Gynecologie Sans Frontieres