Rita founded and led Tewa (1995/2001), the Nepal Women’s Fund and Nagarik Aawaz (2001/2009) the peace-building initiative. She envisioned the Tewa Center and brought it to fruition leading all related fundraising campaigns for the same (2011 – 2017). Since 2018, Rita is coordinating Nagarik Aawaz’s “Peace Building Memorial & Learning Center” initiated in Nawal Parasi in the center south of Nepal. Rita’s training and ongoing practice has been in the area of women’s advancement, local philanthropy, and peace-building. Rita has served as Chair on the Boards of the Global Fund For Women & the Global Fund for Community Foundations among others. She is an Ashoka Fellow and one of the 1000 women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

Currently she is helping to envision and give momentum to the Inter-generational Feminist Forum in Nepal.