(Ms) Joms Salvador is the Secretary General of GABRIELA Philippines, the biggest and broadest women’s organization in the Philippines that has for nearly four decades worked for women’s rights and welfare of women. She started her involvement with GABRIELA in 1998 as a member and later National Chairperson of GABRIELA-Youth and has since been active in the women’s movement working with grassroots urban and rural communities in the Philippines. She also holds leading roles in regional and global women and people’s organizations, including being part of the Global Advisory Council of One Billion Rising.

Her active role in steering GABRIELA as one of the most visible critics of the Duterte regime’s macho-fascist, anti-people stance has been met by state repression and vilification. She is currently facing a court battle for a trumped-up criminal charge of perjury filed against her and other human rights defenders and activists by the Duterte regime.