Eunice Naw is a gender activist who is working as a Senior Program Officer (Gender and Livelihoods) at SWISSAID Myanmar organization. She belongs to Karen ethnic group. She has finished her graduate program (Bachelor of Theology) with the research topic “Violence Against Asian Women”. She earned her Master of Divinity in 2007 from Myanmar Institute of Theology. She has eight years of experience worked alongside with women, girls and youth as a trainer, facilitator, and youth leader. In 2016 to 2019 she has worked as a Project Coordinator, managing gender related projects, and educating young people, at Gender Studies Center – Myanmar Institute of Theology. In 2017, she had attended the month-long capacity building course on “Gender, Sustainable development, Peace, and Human Rights” organized by Sangat – A Feminist Network in Nepal. At this training, she was inspired by a feminist activist Kamla Bhasin (South Asia OBR Coordinator), who introduced One Billion Rising Campaign to her. When she came back to her country, she started to organize One Billion Rising Campaign every year with young people.

This year Myanmar will be rising for peace and climate change.

“When you feel you are called to do something, I wish to build a garden of peace with younger generation. A place there were no more war, no more toxic environment, and no more violence. Just a place where people living harmoniously with environment, full of resilience, and love. A place where human dignity is valued.”

OBR Launch Date : November 25, 2020

Contact email: eunicenaw(at)

Facebook Page: One Billion Rising – OBR Myanmar