One Billion Rising Coordinator for Italy, LUISA RIZZITELLI, is a professional communications and public relations expert, trainer, event manager and institutional relations expert. In addition, Luisa is the creator and coordinator of “Better Place”, training project for companies and public company, against stereotypes, sexism, discrimination and abuse. Luisa is also the owner of the communication agency Communis srl. She is an  expert in gender politics and an activist for women’s rights, who was awarded the most important Italian award for women “Premio Marisa Bellisario” in the manager section in 2003. Luisa is the head of the press office of the NGO Differenza Donna Onlus and consultant for companies and events. Since 2000, she has been founder and president of Assist-Italian Women Athletes Association, the only association in Italy whose mission is to protect the collective rights of women athletes and women sports operators.