“In 2020, we will be dancing and educating society about consent for intimate relations. Our slogan is “Only YES means consent. Sex without consent is RAPE”. We want Polish society, lawyers, and politicians to change the definition of rape in Polish law. And we are calling on Polish society, authorities, politics, lawyers to change the definition of rape in Polish law. Many countries have changed their laws regarding sexual violence, recognizing that sex without consent is rape. These are very important changes. In Poland, it is still a woman who must prove that she said “no” loud enough and clearly to prove a rapist’s guilt. What if she was sleeping or someone threw her a rape pill? How could she say “yes” or refuse? We will also talk about the effects of the climate crisis like last year.” – Joanna Piotrowska

One Billion Rising Coordinator for Poland, JOANNA PIOTROWSKA, is president of the Feminioteka Foundation, which is a Polish public benefit organization dedicated to work against gender discrimination and violence against women. Feminioteka has inspired almost 100 groups, whether organizations or individuals, to RISE all over Poland. Today, it is the largest anti-violence action in Poland.