I am an Activist and determined young woman feminist leader who is passionate about women’s rights, gender equality and strengthening women’s capacities to advance socially, economically and politically in Swaziland. I believe in inclusive and democratic environment that promotes the respect of human rights. In undertaking my work I had the opportunity to work on women’s issues from the grassroots level to the national policy making level. This has helped me understand the approaches to dealing with women’s issues, especially in the context of Swaziland’s socio-economic and political landscape.

Currently I am working as National Director for Women and Law in Southern Africa-Swaziland (WLSA). Further, it is worth mentioning that in 2014 I was selected by OBR as its Coordinator in Swaziland and hence will be coordinating the various country activities of this campaign.

I am the founding member of Swaziland Women in Action. It is a group of Swazi women from different sectors and all walks of life who are concerned about women’s issues in Swaziland and are hoping to contribute to women’s advancement in all spheres of life. This group is also hoping to encourage more and more women to join the movement as individuals with different competencies and talents so that as women, we can collectively confront the challenges facing us with greater unity.

In terms of issues of gender-based violence, especially violence against women and girl-children, Swaziland Women in Action aims to contribute to its eradication in the country. In particular, to encourage individuals to make the commitment not only to turn a blind eye to violence against women and children but for themselves to also take positive action to prevent such violence.