Tell Us The Story Of Your Rising – Raise the Vibration Blog Series

(L) Hamburg, Germany. @one_billion_rising_hamburg
(R) Bihar, India. @Sahyogi Ngo

Through One Billion Rising, you shook the earth through the massive RISINGS in which over ONE BILLION people danced to end the epidemic of violence, we have shifted consciousness and broken the deadly silence. And every day, you stage art in your community for social change, you RISE, you are in the streets rising against racist patriarchy. You have made ending sexual violence a front-page issue, never to be silenced again.

Beginning today, we are inviting OBR activists worldwide to write blogs about their events and submit them for publishing on, amplifying the voices of the movement.

Some prompts to get your started, keep in mind as you write your piece –
What inspired you to Rise and get involved?
What issues did your Rising spotlight? How?
What are critical issues affecting women and girls in your community?
How did you Raise the Vibration?
Did the theme infuse new energy, raise the stakes artistically and politically?
What was the impact on the community, the organizers, your fellow activists?
Where did you rise, why did you pick that location?

Please keep your piece to under 1000 words. Submit your piece HERE. Thank you, we cannot wait to read your stories!

Tell Us The Story Of Your Rising - Raise the Vibration Blog Series