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Women´s march

Romania > Cluj-Napoca > strada eroilor > 2018-04-05 > 06:00 pm

About The Event

In Romania, the woman's role is predetermined, being seen as a mother, daughter, wife/partner or sister first. We aim for a society however in which men perceive women as individuals with their own feelings and dreams, independent of their role in the family. Why does a man need to imagine the implications of sexual harassment (#metoo) or a rape for his daughter, sister, or wife to understand the devastating consequences of such an event in a woman's life?

About The Organization


Why COMMA? Because every day that passes another name is added to the name of survivors of inequality, abuse and assault and so after each name a comma is added in expectation of the victim that will follow.

We are a nonprofit organisation based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our goal is to introduce sexual health and relationship classes in schools, awareness and activism work and opening the first clinic in Romania for sexually assaulted women.

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